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Function: It has thickening, dispersion and emulsification, It could be absorbed on the cloth, attract the dirt and hold it, stop re-deposition on to the cloth since both of the dirt particles and carboxy methyl groups are negative (-) groups.

Features: High degree of substitution; good dispersion, stop the re-deposition of dirt particles; high viscosilyigood staability.

Grade: 8000S、9000S, etc.



Function: Surface sizing, Pulping process and pigment coating, good water retention, dispersibility, good shear thinning property.

Features: Stable Viscosity; The dissolution has good fiowability, Coating is more evenly formed.

Grade: IL5、IL10、IL20、IL60.



Function: Can be used in waterbome paint as anti-settling agent, emulsifer, dispersant, flatting agent, adhesive; CMC can keep the paint in the uniform state that the paint is not stratihed for a long time.

Features: Guickly dissolve in water, do not stick together ; Good viscosity stability, less viscosity reduction; High viscosity and transparency in water solution ; It has similar characteristics to HPMC.

Grade: QD3000、QD4000、QD12000, etc.

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