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Application of CMC in Ceramics

The application of CMC in ceramic billets

1. It can increase the bonding strength of the billet and make the billet easy to form;
2. Improve the flexural strength of the billet and effectively reduce the damage rate of the billet;
3. Evenly evaporate the moisture in the billet to prevent dry explosion and cracking.

Application of CMC in Ceramic Tile Bottom Glaze and Top Glaze

1. Keep the glaze in a stable dispersed state;

2. Improve the surface tension of glaze;

3. Slow down the diffusion of water from the glaze to the billet;

4. Increase the smoothness of the glaze surface;

5. To avoid cracking and printing breakage during the conveying process caused by a decrease in the strength of the body after glaze application;

6. Reduce pinholes on the glazed surface after sintering.

The application of CMC in printing glaze (or printing oil, ointment) and permeating glaze

The application of CMC in printing glaze (or printing ink, ointment) and soluble glaze salt:

A. High water solubility, high solution transparency;

B. Non stick, non clogging, effectively reducing the frequency of cleaning the filter screen;

C. The solution is delicate and has good fluidity, improving the efficiency of passing through the mesh;

D. Good printing rheological properties make the printing process smoother, with clear and uniform colors;

E. It has good compatibility with glaze, making the flower glaze stable and possessing good acid and alkali resistance properties.

CMC models for ceramics: CH9, C1002, C1592, CVH9, etc.

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